Why You Should Consider Getting a Carport in Sacramento, CA

Why You Should Consider Getting a Carport in Sacramento, CA

Living in Sacramento, CA, you are no stranger to the extreme heat and dry weather that comes with the summer months. With temperatures often reaching well above 90°F, your car can quickly become uncomfortable and even unbearable to get into. Additionally, Sacramento is prone to occasional hail and heavy rainstorms during the winter months, which can cause damage to your car if left exposed.

So, what can you do to protect your car from the elements? The answer is simple: get a carport. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a carport in Sacramento, CA:

Protection from the Sun

As mentioned, Sacramento experiences intense heat during the summer months, which can cause damage to your car's exterior and interior. UV rays can fade your car's paint job and damage the dashboard and seats over time. A carport provides shade and protection from the sun's harmful rays, keeping your car's interior cooler and protecting it from sun damage.

Protection from the Rain and Hail

While Sacramento is known for its hot summers, it is also prone to occasional rain and hailstorms during the winter months. These can cause damage to your car's exterior, including dents and scratches. A carport provides a protective covering for your car, shielding it from the rain and hail, and keeping it safe from damage.


A carport can be used for more than just protecting your car. It can also serve as an outdoor living space or a covered area for outdoor activities. You can use it as a shaded area to relax outside, or as a covered area for barbecues and outdoor gatherings.


At Best National Carports, we offer custom metal structures that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. We also offer carports for sale in Sacramento. Our 3D configurator allows you to design your carport online and choose the size, style, and color that you want.

The metal structures we offer can also be used to shelter boats, RVs, or even animals. They provide a convenient and affordable way to protect your valuable possessions from the elements. With Best National Carports, you can be sure that your carport will be built to the highest standards and designed to last. We use only the highest-grade materials and the latest construction techniques, ensuring that your carport is built to last.

Our experts will also provide you with helpful advice and assistance throughout the entire process, from designing your carport to the final installation.

Increased Property Value

Adding a carport to your home can increase your property's value. It is a practical addition that can make your home more attractive to potential buyers, and it can also help protect their cars from the elements.

Do I Need a Permit?

Before installing a carport in Sacramento, it's important to determine whether you need a permit. The rules and regulations for carports vary depending on the location and size of the structure, so it's best to check with your local building department to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and regulations.

In Sacramento County, permits are required for the installation of all detached accessory structures, including carports. This includes carports that are less than 120 square feet in size. Failure to obtain the necessary permits can result in fines and other penalties, so it's important to ensure that all required permits are obtained before beginning construction.

To obtain a permit in Sacramento County, you will need to submit a permit application and any required plans or specifications to the Department of Building Inspection. The application and permit fees will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Once the permit is approved, you can begin construction.

For more information about permits and regulations related to carports in Sacramento County, you can visit the County's website at:

The following link will take you to the Sacramento county website, which provides detailed information about the permit application process, as well as the requirements for construction and installation of detached accessory structures, including carports.


Protecting your car from the elements is essential, especially in a place like Sacramento, where extreme weather conditions can be frequent. A carport is an excellent investment that can provide protection and versatility for years to come. At Best National Carports, we offer high-quality custom metal structures that are tailored to your needs. Contact us today to get started on designing your dream carport!

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