Ultimate Guide To RV Carports

The Ultimate Guide to RV Carports

If you own an RV, you know how important it is to protect it from the elements. A custom RV carport can provide that protection and more. In this ultimate guide to RV carports, we'll explore the benefits of a custom RV carport and how to gather all the information necessary to design a custom one on our site.

Benefits of RV Carports

An RV carport can provide a number of benefits for RV owners. Here are just a few:

  1. Protection from the elements: An RV carport provides shelter from the sun, wind, rain, and snow, helping to keep your RV in top condition.
  2. Increased lifespan: With protection from the elements, your RV will last longer and require less maintenance.
  3. Storage: An RV carport can also be used for storage of other vehicles, equipment, or outdoor items.
  4. Cost-effective: An RV carport is a cost-effective way to protect your investment compared to renting storage space or building a traditional garage.

Designing a Custom RV Carport

When designing a custom RV carport, there are several factors to consider. Here are some of the most important:

  1. Size: The size of your RV carport will depend on the size of your RV and any other vehicles or equipment you plan to store underneath it. Our website offers a 3D configurator that allows you to customize the size of your RV carport to fit your needs.
  2. Style: There are several styles of RV carports to choose from, including lean-to, gable, and flat roof. The style you choose will depend on your personal preference and the local building codes in your area.
  3. Material: Our RV carports are made with high-quality metal carport frames, which are durable and long-lasting. We offer metal carport frame kits that can be customized to your specific needs.
  4. Installation: Our metal carport frames are designed for easy installation and come with detailed instructions to guide you through the process. However, we also offer professional installation services if you prefer to have someone else handle the installation.

Choosing the Right RV Carport Frame

The carport frame is the backbone of your RV carport, and choosing the right one is essential to its durability and longevity. Here are some things to consider when choosing an RV carport frame:

  1. Material: We offer metal carport frames made from high-quality galvanized steel, which is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  2. Size: Our metal carport frame kits come in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs, and can be customized to your exact specifications.
  3. Strength: Our metal carport frames are engineered to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads, providing maximum protection for your RV.
  4. Price: Our metal carport frame kits are affordable and cost-effective, providing excellent value for your investment.

Our business offers a 3D configurator that allows customers to customize their RV carport to their specific needs. With the configurator, customers can select the size, color, materials, and additional features they want, including side panels, doors, and windows. The 3D configurator creates a visual representation of the carport based on the user's selections, helping them to visualize what the finished product will look like before they make a purchase.


Here are some commonly asked questions about RV carports:

Q: Are RV carports worth it?

A: Yes, RV carports are worth the investment if you want to protect your RV from the elements and increase its lifespan. They are also a cost-effective alternative to renting storage space or building a traditional garage.

Q: How tall does an RV carport need to be?

A: The height of an RV carport depends on the height of your RV, including any antennas or other features on the roof. In general, RV carports should be at least 14 feet tall to accommodate most RVs.

Q: Are steel carports worth it?

A: Yes, steel carports are worth the investment if you want a durable and long-lasting structure that can withstand the elements. Steel carports are also more affordable than traditional garages and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Q: How do you level the ground for an RV carport?

A: To level the ground for an RV carport, you should first clear the area of any debris or vegetation. Then, use a shovel or backhoe to remove any high spots and fill in any low spots with gravel or sand. Finally, use a level to ensure the ground is even and adjust as necessary.

Q: How are RV carports anchored?

A: RV carports can be anchored using concrete footings, anchor bolts, or ground stakes. The method of anchoring will depend on the local building codes in your area and the type of ground where the carport will be installed.

Q: Does a carport need a concrete slab?

A: While a concrete slab is not required for a carport, it can provide a stable and level foundation for the structure. A concrete slab can also help to prevent weeds and other vegetation from growing around the carport, making it easier to maintain. However, if you choose not to use a concrete slab, you can still install the carport using other methods of anchoring, such as ground stakes or anchor bolts.

Q: How to Measure for Your RV Carport?

A: To measure for your RV carport, measure the length, width, and height of your RV, and add a few feet to each measurement to allow for clearance.

Q: How much is an RV carport?

A: The cost of an RV carport can vary depending on factors such as the size, materials used, and additional features. Our business offers various sizes of RV carports to fit different budgets.

Q: Best RV Carport?

A: The best RV carport for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. With our 3D configurator, you can customize your RV carport to meet your specific requirements.


A custom RV carport is an excellent investment for any RV owner, providing protection, storage, and cost savings over the long term. By using our 3D configurator, you can easily design a custom RV carport to fit your specific needs, with high-quality metal carport frames that are durable and long-lasting. Whether you need a carport frame kit or professional installation, we have everything you need to protect your RV and enjoy it for years to come.

In summary, whether you need a metal carport frame only or a complete carport frame kit, we have everything you need to design and install a custom RV carport that will provide the protection and storage you need. With our easy-to-use 3D configurator and high-quality metal carport frames, you can be confident that your RV will be protected from the elements and last for years

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